Champions League 2015-2016 – Outcomes So Far

This years edition marks the 61st season of UEFA Champions League. This is the clash of the titans when it comes to soccer. Only the best soccer teams gain access to this tournament. When the whistle blows for the first time, the madness begins. All the teams want to advance as far as possible and they all dream of winning the trophy. The final will be played on the 28th of May next year, in Italy; until that moment comes, let’s review what happened so far.


Essential Things You Need to Know When Playing Golf For the First Time

Playing golf for the first time can be quite frustrating. You will probably feel unsure and intimidated, but that’s absolutely fine, because it’s your first time. The essential rules you need to know when playing golf for the first time are very important, in order to help you feel more confident and actually enjoy the game. Here is a short summary of things you need to do, before your first golf game.


Basic Basketball Rules and Regulations

Basketball is a fun and accessible sport for everyone. Besides helping you stay in shape, it also gives you the opportunity to make new friends and become more confident and determined. Whether you are playing basketball for fun, or you want to be better at it and become a professional basketball players, it’s essential to learn more about the rules and regulations of this game. Here’s what you need to know.


Baseball Rules and Etiquette

Baseball is a very popular sport that has been played for decades and players have always tried to keep it as clean and respectful as possible by following some common sense rules. Baseball is not a contact sport and it certainly is not a sport of violence and peace on the field is kept with the help of some unwritten baseball rules and etiquette. Here are some of the baseball rules that help players develop a nice and clean game without getting on each other’s nerves.


The Best 5 Moments in NHL History

The NHL has seen its share of magical moments since 1917, when the league was founded. It was clear that these moments were going to make history as they were happening, whether we’re talking about a team that won the Stanley Cup after several decades or about Wayne Gretzky’s pass to Gordie Howe to achieve the most scored goals. Some of these events didn’t seem big at their time, but as history showed us, they were moments that changed the game in important ways. Here is a look at the 5 best moments in NHL history, the ones that remind us why we love hockey.


Top 5 Best Golf Players in History

Golf is without any doubt an honorable game. It is not a game like others which involve lots of physical activity. It is actually a game which requires good concentration and strategic thinking. In case you are a golfer or someone who’s interested in this sport, here is a top 5 best golf players in history.


Best Canadian Hockey Teams

When it comes to hockey, we can say that this is a sport that involves lots of physical activity and speed. For those who don’t know, hockey was born in Canada, in Montreal and the first game was played in 1875. In order to find out more about Canadian hockey teams, here is a short list with the best Canadian hockey teams.


Top 5 International Rugby Teams

Rugby is played throughout the world and loved by men and women, as well as boys and girls. It is a sport with unique character-building values, such as the principles of camaraderie, respect, teamwork and fair-play. These principles are more important to the player than winning or losing.


Wimbledon 2015 – The Most Memorable Moments

Tennis fans everywhere always wait impatiently for the Grand Slam tournaments to come; they provide the best tennis matches for sure. Wimbledon is probably the most challenging of the four Grand Slams. Being played on grass, it’s harder for the players to accommodate. There are only two weeks of grass tournaments leading to Wimbledon and some players find it hard to get used to this surface so fast. Wimbledon has a beautiful heritage and any player that holds the title above their head should be proud to have their names remembered for ever for doing so. This year, Wimbledon certainly provided us with many moments to talk about. Here are the most memorable moments of 2015’s Wimbledon Grand Slam:


How to Buy a Quality Golf Rangefinder

In case you are a golfer and want to improve the quality of your game, then you certainly need a rangefinder. A rangefinder works with GPS and helps you find if there are any objects whatsoever, in the tract, and give you the exact time and distance. In case you are confused and do not know what to get, here is some advice about how you can buy a quality golf rangefinder.